Graphtec CE6000 Series



Graphtec's quality and reliability at an Entry-Level Price
Cutting speeds of 600mm to 1000mm per second (40 120 model)
Acceleration of 21.2 metres per second
NEW perforation cut function
Easy-to-use menu system
Auto registration mark detection
NEW auto paneling function
Tri-port connectivity (USB, parallel and serial ports)
Tangential control for precise Supersteel Blade rotation
Allows user to program up to 8 job-specific settings
Cutting Master 3 Software included as standard
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Professional Quality at an Entry-Level Price

Infra-red sensor ensures correct media alignment

Available in 15", 24" and 48" model sizes, Graphtec's engineering-class CE6000 series vinyl cutters incorporate many of the advanced features that make our high-end cutting plotters so attractive to sign-makers. Graphtec innovations include an easy-to-use menu system, and our Smart Feed auto material pre-feed function for enhanced media tracking. This entry-level series is perfect to help you grow your business and does not involve a big up-front investment.

Boasting maximum cutting speeds of 16ips (15" CE-6000-40), 24ips (24" CE6000-60) and 39ips (48" CE6000-120), and with an acceleration of 21.2m/s the CE6000 series offers stunning performance. Couple this with Graphtec's superior cutting force of 300g (-40, -60) and 450g (-120) and you have a cutter that is the perfect choice for most signmakers. The registration-mark sensor detects registration marks printed alongside digitally produced images to automatically align preprinted images to the internal co-ordinate system and can even compensate for media expansion and contraction.


Quality, Reliability and Professional Results

The fundamental system architecture of the CE6000 series shares its engineering heritage with Graphtec's high-end products, placing Graphtec's quality and reliability within reach of entry-level and small-scale customers.

Tangential Control

All CE-series models feature tangential control, enabling precise blade rotation, which prevents distorted, rounded or lifted sharp corners. This unsurpassed cutting quality is perfect for processing highly intricate designs on a variety of material.


 Various Applications




Commonly-used functions are directly accesible on the control panel for added ease of use

User-friendly Control Panel

The control panel with interactive LCD menus provides intuitive operation for even first time users. Program up to eight groups of job-specific settings for instantaneous recall in order to minimise set-up time. The cutting speed, cutting force, tool type, offset value and acceleration (equivalent to quality) can all be independently specified for each of the eight programmed groups. Commonly-used function controls such as instantaneous pause, cutting plotting/condition set-ups, test cut and new origin are directly accessible on the control panel for added ease of use.

Serial/USB Interface Connectivity

The industry-leading connectivity is another standard feature of the CE6000 series. All three models are equipped with Serial and USB 2.0 ports for flexibility and versatility, making the CE6000 compatible with virtually any computer configuration.



Media Supply System and Floor Stand


The precisely crafted media supply system, as an integrated part of the floor stand (standard for the CE6000-120, optional for the CE6000-60), ensures accurate loading of media material and makes demanding long-length tracking and repetitive job operations effortless. The CE6000's media tracking capability is further enhanced when the optional media catch basket is utilized as another integrated part of its floor stand.

SmartFeed™ Media Management

The SmartFeed™ media pre-feeding function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds roll media as needed to eliminate disturbance associated with the operator's manual assistance. This feature enhances the plotter's tracking capability and is useful for unattended repeat jobs and long-length projects. With the SmartFeed™ function engaged, the CE6000 repeats unwinding and advancing of the roll media for a user-specified distance, upon recognition of plot data exceeding the pre-fed length.



Cutting Master & Graphtec Studio Software Included


Cutting Master 3 Software, designed to interface with popular graphics and illustration software programs such as Adobe® Illustrator®, is included with all CE6000 series models. This software allows users to output their favorite designs created on illustration software directly to the CE6000 cutting plotters, providing the opportunity for new users to establish an economical sign making system without a large investment. Cutting Master is compatible with both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems.

Two Software Packages are included as standard  



Product Specification - Graphtec CE-6000
Model CE6000 40 CE6000-60 CE6000-120
32-bit CPU
Drive system
Digital servo
Maximum cutting area
375mm x 50m (14.8" x 164ft)
603mm x 50m (23.7" x 164ft)
1,213mm x 50m (47.8" x 164ft)
Range of guaranteed precision
356mm x 2m *1 (14" x 6.56ft)
584mm x 5m *1 (23" x 16.4ft)
1,194mm x 5m *1 (47" x 16.4ft)
Compatible media widths
Min: 50mm (2")  Max: 484mm (19.1")
Min: 50mm (2")  Max: 712mm (28")
Min: 85mm (3.3")  Max: 1346mm (53")
Number of Push Rollers
2 Rollers
2 Rollers
3 Rollers
Max. media thickness
0.25mm (0.0098")
Max. cutting speed
60cm/s (24"/s) in all directions
90cm/s (24"/s) in all directions
100cm/s (45"/s) in all directions
Specifiable cutting speeds
1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 (cm/s)
Cutting force
0.2-2.9N (20gf to 300gf) (31 levels)
0.2-2.9N (20gf to 300gf) (31 levels)
0.2-4.4N (20gf to 450gf) (38 levels)
Min. character size
Approx. 5mm for alphanumeric characters (slight variations according to media type, font style etc)
Repeatability precision
0.1mm or less per 2m *1
No. of pens mountable
1 pen (compatible with water-based fibre-tipped pens)
Cutter type
Supersteel Cutter Blades
Compatible cutting film
Marking film (PVC, flourescent or reflective film) up to 0.25mm in thickness (excluding high-luminosity reflective film)
RS-232C (serial)  -  USB 2.0 (high-speed)
Buffer capacity
2 MB
Rated power supply
100 to 240 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption
100 VA
Operating environment
Temperature 10°C to 35°C, relative humidity 35% to 75% (16°C to 32°C and 35% to 70% RH for guaranteed precision)
External Dimensions (W x D x H)
Approx. 672mm x 338mm x 266mm
Approx. 900mm x 593mm x 1046mm
Approx. 1541mm x 736mm x 1250mm
Approx. 10.5kg
Approx. 21kg (Weight of Stand: 8.1kg)
Approx. 40.5kg (Weight of Stand: 16.4kg)
Included accessories
AC power cord, USB cable, User guide (CD-ROM), Quick Start Manual, Usage Precautions, Cutter Plunger, Cutter Blade, Water-Based Pen, Media Cutter, Medium-Roll Tray, Carrier Sheet.
AC power cord, USB cable, User guide (CD-ROM), Quick Start Manual, Usage Precautions, Cutter Plunger, Cutter Blade, Water-Based Pen, Media Cutter, Stand.
AC power cord, USB cable, User guide (CD-ROM), Quick Start Manual, Usage Precautions, Cutter Plunger, Cutter Blade, Water-Based Pen, Media Cutter, Stand.
Optional accessories
Media Catch Basket (PG0100)
Media Catch Basket (PG0101)
*1 - Varies depending on the type of Graphtec-authorised film and the cutting conditions. 


Please Note: All images are for illustration purposes only, and do not necessarily represent the actual results from the machine.


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