Edge Master Modular Bar Cutter

bar cutter  

Bar Cutter

modular system can be 30", 60", 90" or 120"
non-slip base
 cuts vinyl, foamex, corex, etc
two cutting heads as standard
blade only exposed when head depressed
five blades included
just £169.95 plus VAT

Low cost bar cutter cuts a whole range of materials including Vinyls, foamex, forex, corex and other materials up to 5mm thick. Click together system includes four 30" bars to make a 120" bar or simply make two 30" or 60" bars as we now ship with two cutting heads, we even supply c carry case!!




Two cutters as standard - handy if you want to share between two people or use two smaller rulers...



Spare blades - each blade has four edges so simply use a new corner whenever you need to change it; this means that 15 individual blades become 60...


2 x cutters, 3 x clips, 4 x 30" sections, spare blades & padded bag... Since the rulers all connect together via a metal clip which slots into the base of each ruler, it only takes a few seconds to connect them together to take it from 30" to 120".



Shipped in this padded carry case makes the cutter very portable from job to job.


Each bar slots together... Blade is only exposed when you depress cutting head... Non-slip rule means cutting large prints/board is easy...
    £169.95 +  delivery + VAT
How accurate is the system?

The Image Edge has been developed to be an economical option for people who require the ability to cut large lengths of foamex, correx and banner vinyl etc but who find other systems too costly to invest in or too limiting in the lengths available.

Unlike other systems which are made from a single, unbroken straight edge, the ImageEdge consists of four 30" sections which are clipped together to make one or two bars.

The cutter is precise and perfectly adequate for general trimming of boards, banners and prints.



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