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Metamark Heat Transfer

Green tshirt with metatex

The high-quality polyurethane film has an attractive matt, reflection-free surface laminated with a thermal adhesive. It is washable at 60'C and is recommended for use with a heat transfer press. This Heat transfer Flex can be applied to Cotton, Cotton / Polyester Mix and Polyester / Acrylic Mix. Click on the 'application guidelines' link for more information.

MetaTex Heat Transfer Flex for Textiles

  • Matt Polyurethane
  • Thermally Activated Adhesive
  • Polyester Transfer Film
  • MetaTex Finishes: 22 Standard Colours / 2 Fluorescent
  • Machine washable at 60'C


Application of Heat Transfer Flex (MetaTex)     

Reverse cut the film using a 45° blade. Once weeded, the product can be applied to the textile using a heat transfer press, applying pressure through the Polyester liner. Remove the liner immediately after pressing, when the film is still hot, and then press again for 2 seconds. Colours may overlaid. We recommend that you always perform a test on the textile first.

  Temperature Time Pressure
Cotton   165 - 175°C 20 - 25 sec High
Cotton / Polyester [Mix]     165 - 175°'C 20 - 25 sec High
Polyester / Acrylic [Mix]   160 - 170°C 15 - 20 sec Medium


Application of Heat Transfer Flex (MD-MX Digital)
Print the image, orientated the correct way round. Allow 24 hours before weeding, and pressing. Once weeded, apply MX application tape to lift the print. Use a heat transfer press, applying pressure through the application tape. Press first for 8-10 seconds, before removing the application tape, then covering the image with a silicone-release paper and pressing for 17 sec. It is recommended to test a sample print. Wash inside out. Please note that these guidelines may vary.

  Temperature Time Pressure
All 155-160°C 17-20 sec Medium

Download a Technical Data Sheet


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