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Vivid Easymount Sign Laminator

Easymount® Sign laminator Designed to perform and built to last The Easymount Sign is one of the most popular products in the range, due to it’s cost effective price tag and reputation for its build quality and ease of use. Solid heavy duty construction.   An easy-to-use laminating system with self gripping mandrels and a flip...

Vivid Easymount Classic Laminator

Vivid Easymount Laminator A laminator designed to perform and built to last Their advanced features allow you to laminate, mount and encapsulate too. Designed in-house by Vivid, the Easymount® laminator range gives your business extra capacity by allowing you to offer your customers a complete service that you previously had to outsource. Easymount by name, Easymount by nature Designed for simple, high quality...