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Graphtec F-Mark (Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System)

Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting SystemGraphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting SystemGraphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System
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Graphtec F-Mark

Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System 

Automatically cut pre-printed sheets with the F-Mark automatic die cutter

  • Contour cut and die cut pre-printed sheets
  • No need for operator supervision
  • Mounted camera for quick registration mark detection
  • Sheets are cut and dropped into a catch tray
  • Automatic Media Feeding Arm With Vacuum Suction Cups
  • Holds Up To 200 Sheets (depending on thickness)
  • upto 450grmas cutting force
  • Built In CCD Camera
  • Allows For Automation In A Smaller Scale Workshop


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Quick view spec

  • Max Media Size : 330mm x 483mm (SRA3)
  • Max Cutting Force:  (450gf) with CE6000-40 Plus
  • Cut Speed: Average Of 30-40 Seconds Cut Time Per Sheet
  • Software: Dedicated F-Mark Software
  • Connectivity: USB
Standard warranty cover
1 Year Warranty
Perfect for 

  • Short run labelling
  • Tags
  • Business Cards
  • POS
  • Bespoke Packaging
  • Folders / Stationary
  • Tags

Operational Performance:

  • Die-Cutting
  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Perforation-Cutting
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