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HP Latex 560 £21,990


The HP Latex 560

Manage peaks efficiently, rely on highest quality over time

The HP Latex 560 takes all the much-loved features from the existing HP Latex 365, and ups the game with extra features to suit the a multitude of business requirements and environments. The 560 consistently delivers accurate colours, quality and does not have top compromise on speed ! Automatic maintenance, easy to load and with a built in spectrophotometer. This is the jewel of the latex range.

Match peak demands with fast response times

  • Load rolls in one minute or less with the spindleless pivot table and automatic skew adjustment
  • Respond fast with quality—up to 23 m2/hr (248 ft2/hr) indoor quality mode
  • Cut risk, eliminate delays—prints are dry and scratch resistant*2 immediately after printing
  • Easily produce high-quality double-sided banners—automation enables efficiency and speed

Get vivid colour and consistent quality over time

  • Produce highly saturated prints with up to 50% more ink density,3 using vivid print modes
  • Print colors right the first time with the i1 embedded spectrophotometer*4 and HP Custom Substrate Profiling
  • Consistent, day-one image quality over time—native 1200 dpi, user changes printheads, auto nozzle replacement
  • Handle robust tiling applications with consistent colors to <= 2 dE20005 and +/- 1 mm/m length accuracy

Keep costs low

  • Get the high-quality results of high-cost materials on lower cost banners and vinyls with the wiper roller
  • Double your work space*6—do all tasks from the front of the printer, including media/ink cartridge changes
  • Cut 2 to 3 hours/month maintenance*7—automatic maintenance, OMAS media calibration save operator time
  • Plan production in advance, optimize supplies usage, and save time—utilities predict how much ink is needed


  • Acceptable Media Width :  254 to 1625mm
  • Effective print width : 1,615mm
  • Max Printing Resolution : 1200 dpi
  • Max Speed : 91 sqm p/h
  • Heaters : 3 stage heater
  • Connectivity : Ethernet
  • Warranty : 1 Year HP

Ink Options 

  • 6 Colour : CMYK LcLm & Optimizer
In the Box : 
  • Ink Collector Platen Protector
  • Roll lifter
  • Cables : Power
  • Motorised media winder
  • 1 Year HP


  • RIP
1 Based on a comparison of HP Latex Ink technology to competitors with leading market share as of December, 2013 and analysis of published MSDS/SDSs and/or internal evaluation. Performance of specific attributes may vary by competitor and ink technology/formulation.
2 Scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks on self-adhesive vinyl and PVC banner. Scratch-resistance comparison based on testing third-generation HP Latex Inks and representative hard-solvent inks. Estimates by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of media.
3 Compared to the HP Latex 360 Printer when using the same print mode.
4 ICC profiling with the spectrophotometer does not support uncoated textiles and backlits.
5 The color variation inside a printed job has been measured at 10-pass mode on vinyl media within this limit: maximum color difference (95% of colors) <= 2 dE2000. Reflective measurements on a 943 color target under CIE standard illuminant D50, and according to the standard CIEDE2000 as per CIE Draft Standard DS 014-6/E:2012. 5% of colors may experience variations above 2 dE2000. Backlit substrates measured in transmission mode may yield different results.
6 Available work space based on internal HP testing in January, 2016 comparing the HP Latex 500 Printer series to key competitive printers.
7 Based on internal HP testing and manual maintenance requirements published in user manuals available as of January, 2016 for key competitive products compared to automatic maintenance provided by the HP Latex 500 Printer series.