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Rollover Classic Rollover Flatbed Applicator £10,000


The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. The excellent functionality is powered by the idea of facilitating and streamlining the multiple tasks encountered in the daily work of signmakers. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive foil applications, road signs, glass application, banners etc. up to 90mm in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimum of time.

Optimal ergonomic work positions have been the basis for the design. Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand whilst having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling. We can guarantee that the operator will not miss the climbing and knee-bending… Perfectly flat application without bubbles or creases is obtained in a minimum of time, and waste is minimised. Illuminated glass tabletop and special cutting mat will improve accuracy and control in operation, and also make the Rollover a perfect work place for many other tasks of the trade.   The Rollover is extremely user-friendly, and the operator can learn how to use it in less than one hour thanks to the detailed Manual supplied on delivery. Flexible extra media-holders and side trays facilitate numerous applications and handling of oversize media. The gap between roller and tabletop accomodates different substrates up to 90mm thickness.