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Secabo TC Smart Heat Press From £689 To £869

 Our SMART models are equipped with brand-new electronics, which were developed on the basis of Secabo’s extensive industry know-how. For the first time, the automatically opening knee-lever presses’ digital controller is equipped with a Bluetooth interface allowing for operation via the free transfer app Secabo Smart Transfer. Furthermore, the controller also comes with new and revised features. In addition to known settings, such as temperature and time, the range of functions has been extended to include settings for pre-pressing, a counter function, sleep and auto-off mode, 10 memory locations for transfer parameters, and many more features. The control concept has been completely reworked to further improve press handling for the user – the new rotary push button and the large display are significant contributions here.
The Secabo Smart Transfer App is a free control app for the SMART heat presses by Secabo. In addition to normal control functions, suitable transfer parameters covering many types of fabric and transfer media can be retrieved from a cloud database. In addition to time and temperature, various pressure settings can also be differentiated. The combination with small base plates and thus extremely high contact pressure achieves dramatically short transfer times, which have so far never been indicated by a manufacturer of heat presses or transfer media. Simply enter the type of fabric and the transfer material and immediately retrieve the matching combinations of temperature, time and pressure. Additional features, such as the calculation of heat-up times and warning functions, make the app a valuable assistant for all common heat transfer methods. It is a huge pool of information for laymen and professionals – the preliminarily tested transfer parameter pairings aren’t merely “known” thanks to professional experience, and they can only be set and used via the app. The Secabo Smart Transfer App can also be used to control multiple SMART heat presses using a mobile device – smart phone or tablet. The saving, managing, and loading of jobs within the Secabo Smart Transfer App allows for retrieval and reproducible use of previously used transfer parameters.

The latest generation of the well-known TC5 and TC7 models features a new intelligent design and construction. In selecting the used components, special attention was given to high-quality materials and surfaces. Both SMART presses feature a modular design that optionally allows for quick and easy equipping with replaceable base plates of various formats, with a quick-change system and with a slide extension. The heating plate was equipped with an additional protection plate. The compact dimensions and modular design allow for easy disassembly into light packages for transport and shipping.