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Vivid Easymount Air £8,395

Easymount Air

Another Level in laminating !

The Easymount Air, takes Vivid’s ever popular wide-format laminating solutions to another level.  The patented technology within the Easymount Air uses one of the most advanced concepts ever seen in a wide format laminator. Pneumatic air pressure controls the laminating rollers, allowing you to mount and laminate with incredible accuracy and speed.

Mounting rigid material and applying with pressure sensitive materials has never been easier on a roll-2-roll laminating system. Precise pressure control and roller lock make this a must for any higher production workshop and PSP.

This new technology allows the roller to adjust to the exact thickness and pressure required, giving faster production times. The pneumatic air allows the roller to float down; ensuring Foamex and fluted boards are not crushed. When the rollers achieve the correct board thickness, the roller can be locked in place to keep the required gap, making board feeding more accurate. Mechanical wedges, often used to lock the roller by other pneumatic systems are not required.

Key features

  • Pneumatic top roller
  • Mount up to 30mm thick
    • Variable speed control
    • Magic eye safety feature
    • Single lift mechanism
    • Release liner take-up
    • Large rollers
    • Foot pedal
    • 1 year warranty



  • Media take-up unit
  • Additional mandrels
  • Flow table
  • Compressor