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Applications, Bleed, RIP Software…. We get asked lots of questions about the world of Wide Format on a daily basis. At Signmaster we are here to help and our lovely team of experts have pulled together a handy A to Z guide answering the most frequently asked questions.

Introducing the Signmaster A to Z of Wide Format.

This is a series of helpful blogs, guides and articles that we hope you will find useful. We will post a new blog every fortnight and we’d love to know what you think so please comment or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


This week it’s all about O is for Opportunity


As a business owner you are always on the lookout for new ways to expand your business and acquire new customers.

You could:

• Reach into new markets

• Add new products & services

• Explore more opportunities to increase profits

• Discover internal opportunities to improve workflow and reduce costs


As the owner of a Print Business, adding the right print solution to your business can not only open up new opportunities but also help you deliver that much desired business growth.

You might consider:

• Adding a colour printing capability

• Faster printer

• New print technology

• Different finishing solutions


The Opportunities

With such a broad range of print solutions available at your fingertips and ever evolving technology, seeking new opportunities has never been easier.

By investing in a wide format printer, you will have the print equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife! Having a printer that quickly changes its hand to producing either giant vinyl graphics, garment transfers, print and cutting decals or labels will allow you to take on any new market and offer a wider range of products and solutions to your customers (current & new). It may also allow you to bring some of your jobs in-house which will help with workflow and profitability.

Taking it a step further, UV ink technology takes the printing opportunities and in-turn the application opportunities to another level. It is almost a case of if you can imagine it, you can print on it. You can literally print onto almost any material using a UV printer!


To give you an idea of how versatile UV printers are, here are some of the items we printed during customer demonstrations this year:

Pens, Pallets, tool boxes, footballs, chairs, books, awards, fabric, leather, coffins, acrylic, Lego, glass, rubber, balls, car wheels, phones, bottles to name but a few….

The perfect solution for promotional items and the booming personalisation market!


Have you spotted a new opportunity and need help proving it?

Our product team can help find printing solutions for any type of material or media and then test using our own experience and machinery within an active print room. This helps you to prove the concept before investing and is a great way to explore the full potential of wide format printers.


Return on Investment

Using this experience and technology we can provide accurate calculations for time and costs enabling you to get the quickest return on your investment.



Some of our customers are not fully aware of all the features of their existing print hardware. Training can be a great way to get the most out of your kit and we offer offsite/onsite training that can help you open up more opportunities and improved productivity from your current hardware.


Please feel free to speak to one of our specialists on 01948 662669 to discuss your existing hardware configuration/requirements and see if we can offer any honest and impartial advice to support your business growth.

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