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Personalised Products

Applications, Bleed, RIP Software…. We get asked lots of questions about the world of Wide Format on a daily basis. At Signmaster we are here to help and our lovely team of experts have pulled together a handy A to Z guide answering the most frequently asked questions.

Introducing the Signmaster A to Z of Wide Format.

This is a series of helpful blogs, guides and articles that we hope you will find useful. We will post a new blog every fortnight and we’d love to know what you think so please comment or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


This week it’s all about P is for Personalised Printing

Personalised Products


Personalised printing is a growing market. It is a service that is adding value to both product and businesses.

In the UK we simply can’t get enough of having our name(s) or photos on the products that we buy as gifts, décor or even as a marketing tool. Mass mailers are proving less effective, with a customised message being received much more effectively with a higher engagement rate.

We are at the start of the personalised print revolution.

From customised t-shirts, car graphics/wraps, stationery, gifts, promotional products, wall paper, the demand and opportunities are endless.

The advantages of people now wanting a personalised message/experience, the ‘what about me’ rather than ‘me to’, are that customer are prepared to pay more. This enables companies to now compete again against products that are shipped into the UK in mass and sold for hardly anything. Companies in the UK can now compete by offering a product that has a greater value and can be turned around & supplied much quicker than imported solutions.

There are so many ways in which we can now personalise products ‘cost effectively’. Spot white printing, spot foiling, mixing foil and full colour printing, spot gloss/varnish which can also be used for creating textures and matte effects. The technologies and solutions available enable the personalisation of almost limitless materials and applications.

Personalised mailer campaigns, through to personalised packaging, giftware, apparel, product wraps, interior décor…

With such a wide choice of equipment and solutions available at the tip of your fingers, it has never been easier to offer more customised print to your customers. It is also possible for companies at any level to start offering the service at different levels.


For examples we have solutions that are suitable for:



  • Sublimation onto gifts, t-shirts, mugs etc
  • Desktop vinyl cutters for custom t-shirts graphics and vehicle decals
  • Entry level cutters for personalised crafting projects
  • Laser engravers for wood, metal & plastics



  • Print and cut machines for customised full colour graphics, t-shirts and wall graphics
  • Desktop UV: Printing onto almost anything e.g. wood, glass, slate, acrylic, plastics, metals


High production

  • UV flatbeds: printing high production using variable data onto almost anything


To find out more and to discuss what solution would best fit your business, give our experts a call on 01948 662669.