Mimaki Blades From £26.50

Swivel Blade for PVC with low-pressure – SPB-0030.The standard blade for cutting adhesive-backed sheet vinyl. Cutting pressure can be set lower. The blade is a standard item with CG Series. – 3 pcs Swivel Blade for small letters –  SPB-0003. The blade is for cutting small letters of adhesive-backed sheets. 3 pcs Swivel Blade for...

Roland Blades From £27.50

Below lists the blades available from Roland and which applications the blade is best suited for. Please note, the list of applications is a general guideline only.


This stainless steel graphics cutter features an ultra slim design and an acute blade angle making it a popular choice for graphic artists and sign makers. Features a slide lock and a pocket clip that doubles as a blade snapper. The stainless steel blade channel holds the blade tightly in place. Includes a high grade...

Olfa SVR-1 Deluxe Staineless Steel Cutter £5.50

This stainless steel knife is perfect for use in moist environments where rust is a concern. With a positive slide lock, built in pocket clip/blade snapper and slim design it’s a popular choice with professionals. Features a stainless steel blade channel that holds the blade tight. Includes a high grade carbon tool steel snap off...