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Keencut Safety Straight Edge (Metric)

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Fabricated from silver anodised aluminium the Keencut Safety Straight Edge is the perfect combination of high grade materials and superb engineering resulting in just the right balance of great looks, strength, precision and lightweight portability. Keencut Safety Straight Edge is a superb straight edge for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting. In fact it can be used with all types of hand-held tools where accuracy is required.

Protect the operator – Designed with the safety of the operator in mind, the Keencut Safety Straight Edge comes with a full length integral finger guard. When applying pressure to the base of the Safety Straight Edge fingers lay flat and are protected by the curved integrated Finger Guard. Operators are recommended to always retract the blade on their utility knife when not in use.
Protect your work – Fitted with two full-length grip cords the Safety Straight Edge is designed to grip work without damaging sensitive printed surfaces.
Protect your equipment  – Cutting along a metal edge can take its toll on both the cutting edge and the cutting tool. In order to provide years of uncompromised service each Safety Straight Edge is fitted with an embedded steel edge to resist wear to both the Safety Straight Edge and cutting tools.

Available in six convenient sizes –Available from as small as 900mm to as large as 1800mm.


Keencut Straight Ruler                                          Keencut Straight Ruler

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Keencut Straight Edge
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