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Secabo TC7 Lite and C60IV Bundle

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Secabo TC7 Lite – The TC7 LITE transfer press from Secabo is a modular, automatically opening toggle press. The user does not have to wait next to the press during the transfers, but can do other activities. When the set time has elapsed, the press opens automatically and announces this three seconds beforehand with an acoustic signal. The pressing process can be interrupted at any time by pressing a button – for example for pre-pressing textiles. The temperature and pressing time can be conveniently selected using a digital controller. The contact pressure is set using a large handwheel on the top of the heating plate. The TC7 LITE heat press, with a working surface of 40cm x 50cm, has an additional cover plate for the heating plate to protect the user from burns.

Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter – The cutting plotters of the CIV series from Secabo are a consistent further development of the well-known CIII cutting plotter series from Secabo. The use of the Secabo C60IV cutting plotter is possible due to the improved cutting quality as well as higher reliability and precision in almost all professional areas of advertising technology. With a cutting width of up to 610mm, the C60IV cutting plotter can handle even extensive jobs and large quantities. With its stepper motor, all common materials such as adhesive foils, self-adhesive foils, flock foils, flex foils, stencil foils, paper, cardboard etc.

Dae Ha One-Flex vinyl – Dae Ha one-flex is our new fast weed t-shirt vinyl.  Using the latest adhesive technology, you get the best of both worlds… A faster weeding t-shirt vinyl with the ability to cut ultra fine detail, incorporating a very high-grade, for softer, more luxurious finish. 500mm x 25m (Black or White)

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