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Signmaster Eyelet Press From £245.00

Eyelet Press Machine H901

The HIKER H-901 hand eyelet press offers all the versatility you’ll ever need from a hand press.  The die are interchangeable, so you can insert several types and sizes of grommets with the same press;  the lower die is adjustable, which provides a consistent, quality setting in various material thicknesses – no more guessing when to stop pushing the handle down!;  and the HIKER H-901 was designed to produce up to 6 times more cutting and closing pressure than other competing presses.  That means that the H-901 requires up to 6 times less human effort to insert a grommet!  Flat washers; turn-over washers; spur washers; thin material; thick material; whatever your needs are, the HIKER H-901 hand press is the best hand press available.


–  Throat Depth: 2 3/4″

–  Height: 11″

–  Weight: 16 lbs.


  •  Interchangeable Die
  • Forward or Backward Handle
  •  Adjustable Lower Die
  •  Professional Grade
  •  Inserts eyelets as small
  •  Inserts self-piercing grommets


Work smarter, not harder.  Using a hammer to insert grommets is like using a rock to pound nails…  it’s really not necessary, or efficient.  It also costs more!  HIKER has developed a great hand press that will save you money while improving the quality of your products.  The H-901B will quickly pay for itself on labor savings alone!
Tried and tested by the Signmaster team, this heavy duty eyelet press gets our stamp of approval.

Available in 9mm and 11mm die set bundles