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WipeErase® Clear is a premium clear overlaminate with a dry erase hard coat that allows for any printed graphics to be turned into a custom dry erase board. Graphics that are laminated with WipeErase® Clear can be written on without ghosting or staining from ink. The chemical and scratch-resistant clear gloss surface of WipeErase® Clear safeguards against these concerns. When compared to other high quality dry erase boards, WipeErase® Clear is remarkably easy to erase. Its anti-graffiti properties also allow for easy removal of permanent marker with rubbing alcohol.

WipeErase® Clear is a 50μ (2 mil) durable clear PET overlaminate film with a gloss, hard coat finish and pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive protected by a PE coated Kraft release paper siliconised on the release side. Possessing anti-graffiti qualities, it offers a truly superior combination of resistance against scratches, abrasion, water, solvents,stains, and chemicals.

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