Roland Stika model SX-8 Vinyl  Cutter & Software
for the  hobbyist
(Accepts 8"  vinyl)

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[Stika model SX-8]

[Stika steps]

Create perfect lettering, beautiful decals and
attractive stickers for models, windows and  small signs.

[Stika examples]

Stika is a graphic design and cutting peripheral that lets you display your creativity practically anywhere. With Stika, you can create, produce and  cut out original graphic designs for use on virtually anything - models,  handicrafts, areas in the home, school books, binders, lunch boxes, toys,  athletic equipment, you name it. And Stika is simplicity itself to use. Just create your pattern data on your PC or Mac. Insert a vinyl sheet into Stika, and have it cut out your design. Remove the unwanted vinyl. Then apply the decal anywhere you wish.


Roland Stika model SX-8

  • Maximum cutting area: 6.25"x39"
  • Acceptable sheet widths: 7.75" to  8.5"
  • Interface: Parallel (Centronics)
  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 5.75" x  3.75"
  • Shipping Weight: Cutter - 3.5  lbs
  • Dr. Stika software for Win 95/98 included
  • CutChoice for use with Corel & Illustrator
  • 1 year warranty

Dr. Stika Software Features
Uses TrueType fonts only
Merge text & graphics
Multiple copy
39"  maximum cutting length
Drawing tools
Border tools

Stika Consumables Click Here

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