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Bohle Metal & Glass primer

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The Bohle Metal Primer is a liquid coupling agent which improves the adhesion of acrylate adhesives on difficult metal surfaces. Bohle Metal
Primer is a transparent liquid. It does not impair the visual appearance of the bond. Bohle Metal Primer is well suited for the pre-treatment of (plain) aluminium, chrome and nickel surfaces. It is not suitable for anodised surfaces.

  • Bohle Metal Primer can be used in combination with all Bohle UVA and light curing acrylate adhesives.
  • For improved adhesion on aluminium, chrome or nickel-plated surfaces.
  • For bonding with acrylate adhesives.
  • Store the Bohle Metal Primer in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Please note the corresponding indications on the label. (Shelf life in original packaging: 12 months from the date of manufacture).
  • When using this product, the appropriate personal safety equipment must be worn at all times.




Bohle Metal Image                  Bohle Metal Image

The surface of the metal part to be coated must be clean, dry and grease free. For previous cleaning, we recommend Bohle Special Cleaner (BO 5107910). Processing temperature amounts to +15 – +25°C (+59 – +77°F). Make sure that no residues remain on the surface after cleaning. Remove any residual moisture by briefly moving a hot air fan across the surface. Apply the Metal Primer with a piece of clean wiping cloth or a cotton pad. Apply a thin layer of Metal Primer to the entire bonding surface. Allow the primer to cure for 5 minutes. The pre-treated metal part must be bonded within the next 4 hours. During this period, it is recommendable to protect the pre-treated surface from contamination without touching it. Shortly before applying the adhesive, heat the surface again with the hot air fan. Close the bottle tightly after use as the material is moisture sensitive.


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Metal Primer
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