At Signmaster Systems we work closely with a finance company who specialises in technology finance. As a company we are very customer focused and proud of the level of customer service we provide and the customer experience is VERY important to us, that is why we aligned ourselves with First Business Finance and have had a close working relationship with them for a long time.

We know that once we introduce you to First Business Finance that you will be treated with respect, offer you impartial, sound advice and certainly not hound you like many other finance companies.

First Business Finance offer both leasing and Hire purchase options.

With investments in technology however most customer choose to lease as there are many benefits including tax relief and enables you to upgrade your equipment more frequently.

Flexibility with options and packages

  • No deposit deals
  • Put a larger deposit down to reduce monthly payments
  • 2, 3, 4 & 5 year terms

With investments in technology however most customer choose to lease as there are many benefits including tax relief and enables you to upgrade your equipment more frequently.



It is a contract between you and the finance company for the use of equipment that you have chosen through a supplier. The supplier provides you with the equipment, the finance company pay the supplier’s invoice and you pay the finance company fixed regular monthly repayments over an agreed period.

The leasing period should be no longer than the expected useful life of the equipment. The lease period is mainly determined by the type of asset you are leasing. We have the ability to provide you with a tailored finance solution to meet your needs and return on investment.

We have the ability to offer various payment profiles to match your needs. Monthly or quarterly payments are typical but even annual payments can be offered in certain cases.

Yes – The repayments are not affected by fluctuations in interest rates. VAT will be charged at the rate applicable at the time repayments are due. If there are any changes in taxation or writing down allowances during the period of the agreement, the finance company may vary the remaining repayments to leave them in the same financial position they had assumed at the beginning.

Yes – In most cases you will need to give us three months notice and pay all the remaining rentals less an early settlement discount. A written quotation can be provided on request. Calculations are in accordance with industry guidelines.


As soon as you take delivery of the equipment you are obliged to insure it against loss or damage. You are also liable for third party risks, including loss, damage or injury to persons or property. The finance company may ask you for proof of equipment insurance and if you do not have any, arrange it on your behalf.

If the equipment is stolen or damaged you should deal with this through your insurers in the usual way. You must tell us as soon as possible if any loss or damage has occurred. If you make an insurance claim that results in the equipment being replaced, then this new equipment will belong to the Finance Company. You will need to provide us with the new serial number/s.

You are required under the terms of the agreement to make sure that the equipment is taken proper care of and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Do you make a profit? Are you aware of the valuable tax allowances to reduce tax? Why tie up cash in depreciating assets?

Use your capital for growth, create revenue and let the savings from the equipment service the lease

Rates are very competitive at present and with everything considered leasing works out to be

the most cost effective and viable method of financing technology.

Do you pay your staff salaries or your business rent, 3 or 5 years in advance?

Leasing allows for the bank facility to stay intact, for future growth or possibly those unforeseen circumstances.


Equipment lease financing allows the lessee to acquire more and/or higher-end equipment.

They lease because they can make more money from what they buy than what it costs them, finance costs included. And they lease so they can pay while they use it instead of before..

A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments.

Many lessees choose to structure their leases to include installation, maintenance and other services, if needed.

Leasing provides companies with the ability to keep pace with technology. The lessee can upgrade or add equipment to meet ever-changing needs.

With equipment leasing there is rarely a deposit required. The term of the lease can be matched with the useful life of the equipment.


Leasing offers the option of deducting 100 percent of the lease payment as a business expense.

Lessors are specialists in equipment leasing & financing, and understand capital equipment markets.

There are many reasons why companies lease equipment. Equipment leasing provides flexibility and protection against technological obsolescence. Leasing allows a company to better match cash outflow with revenue production through the use of equipment. Leasing conserves valuable working capital and bank lines.

There are a variety of leasing products available, allowing the lessee to customize a program to address needs and requirements – cash flow, budget, transaction structure, cyclical fluctuations, etc

There is a reason why every single FTSE 100 company and all of the major accountancy firms lease. It makes sound financial sense.

* All references to taxation treatment are subject to confirmation by your professional advisers.

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