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Flatbed Desktop UV Printers and Cutters

With direct-printing capabilities onto a virtually limitless choice of three-dimensional media, the wide range of UV curable desktop, flatbed, and print and cut machines we have available are ideal for customising and creating unique graphics for your clients, customers or personal use.

Whether you’re looking for a desktop, flatbed printer or roll-to-roll unit, we have many options available for you to choose from that can handle all of your UV printing and cutting needs.

Able to print on many different substrates, our flatbed printers and desktop UV printers and cutters give you the flexibility to print on everything from ceramics and glass to wood and metal.

If you’re looking for an A2, A3, or A4 size UV printer, we have several models in those sizes to meet your needs and if you’re looking for a commercial or at-home UV printer, we have plenty of machines you can choose to suit those needs as well.

From small, compact UV printers you can use as a desktop or benchtop model to large, wide-format UV printers and cutters that instantly cure without gassing off, we have several UV printers in stock right now and ready to set up for you.

As an authorised dealer of UV printers from Mimaki and Roland, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge products along with unparalleled service and support to meet and exceed all of your UV printing needs.

Whether you’re running a full-scale print and sign shop, just getting started or working from home, our current stock of UV printers offer many different options you can use to print UV curable ink onto mobile phone cases, golf balls, lego, wedding gifts, keepsakes, or anything else you might need for corporate branding, industrial or promotional printing.

If you’re currently using a laser cutter and engraver and you’ve looking for a printer to add colour to your designs or you’re searching for an alternative to the screen printing and PAD printing systems you’re using right now, we have many commercial, large format options for your printing business and even more compact, small format choices for your own personal use at home or office.

To maintain your UV printer and keep it running without any unexpected problems, we have lots of UV ink for Mimaki and Roland UV printers, all kinds of media that are suitable for UV printing, and even all of the associated consumables, services and maintenance products you need to keep your equipment going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Should your printer need any repairs or maintenance, we can also help you avoid costly downtime and lost revenue with our wide assortment of replacement service parts and UV printer accessories, such as rotary attachments, vacuum beds and UV filter cabinets.

As printer specialists, we also have an extensive range of Vinyl Printers.

If you’re just getting started, or already have an established print shop, just look at all the different options we have available to suit your needs:

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Desktop UV Printers

As some of the easiest to use, yet most powerful solutions you’ll find, the desktop UV printing solutions we offer from two of the most well-known and trusted brands in the UK, Roland printers and Mimaki printers, offer unmatched quality, reputation, and durability in the marketplace today.

Giving you the flexibility to print whatever you can design directly onto smartphones, laptop cases, ceramics and much, much more, these versatile UV printers can produce sharp, high-quality graphics using spot white and spot gloss inks.

Perfect for all of your promotional printing, packaging mock-up, and corporate branding needs, depending on which model you choose, these desktop UV printers can handle media up to 200mm thick and bed sizes to accommodate many different applications and customers’ needs.

Even though they might be small and compact, these versatile desktop UV printers from Roland and Mimaki can handle all of your short-run production needs without taking up too much space or stretching your budget.

To learn more about the features, benefits and specifications of each of the desktop UV printers we carry in our store, click the “More Info” button next to the model you’re interested in below or give us a call at 01948 662669 to talk about how we can help you choose the best desktop UV printer for you.

Flatbed UV Printers

Available in a number of different sizes in both true UV flatbed or roll-2-roll UV printer formats, the flatbed UV printers we carry from Roland printers, including the Roland LEC2 S-Series, and Mimaki are great for printing odd-shaped objects using automated sensors and printing on media up to 200mm thick, depending on the model you choose

With many different UV flatbed printer models available and currently in stock, you’ll find machines equipped with LED UV curing lamps that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time and units that can handle many different types of UV ink for inkjet printing on acrylic, glass, heat-sensitive media, foamex, dibond panels, aluminum composite, and even thin film applications.

UV Printers & Cutters

Ideal for all your printing and cutting needs, these UV printers and cutters offer the flexibility to print on a number of different materials without sacrificing speed or quality.

With instant curing, instant finishing and no gassing-off time during even your longest production runs, these UV print & cut machines offer day and night printing on flexible materials and pretty much anything else you can roll through them.

Ideal for product packaging mock-ups, label printing, signs and graphic printing for exhibitions, these compact UV print and cut machines offer instant finishing, durable, scratch-resistant inks and a small enough footprint you could even set one up in your home office.

To discover more about the unique features and benefits of our UV print and cut models and check out the specifications for each model we have in stock, click the “More Info” button next to any of the UV print and cut models you see below or give us a call at 01948 662669 to discuss your needs and which UV printer and cutter is going to be best suited to you and your needs.

UV Printers FAQs

How much does a UV printer cost ?

Like most items, the costs and price of UV machine vary. There is obviously cheap import machines, however they are very much false economy. UV machines can require more maintenance due to the viscosity of their inks. More recognised brands such as Mimaki and Roland are know for the excellent quality of their UV machines, their reliability and low maintenance. Another thing that can you leave you high and dry with a cheap import is the costs of parts, availability of engineers (not many people know how to fix them,) and also ongoing support should you have any difficulties in using the machine, let alone if you a breakdown and are left with little or no warranty support.

For the smallest Mimaki printers or Roland printers you are looking circa £11,000 to £13,000+vat. Both brands have products ranges that cater for lots of other types of UV printing requirements and have machines going up to circa £120,000+vat.

We are more than happy to look at a solution for you and provide you with our best pricing/ package 😊

What can a UV printer do ?

It's more a question of what can't it do! UV inks are incredibly versatile and comes in all kinds of types, from hard inks to flexible inks. The technology can print your design and colours onto slate, ceramic, wood, plastics, glass, acrylic, leather, fabrics, card… almost anything. UV machines come in all different shapes and size too, some can even print onto materials up to 200mm thick such as the Roland S-series or LEF2-300D.

UV printers can be used for promotional product printing, gifts, bespoke products, customisation, corporate branding, high production graphics and signage, packaging mock-ups, online retail.

Is UV print durable ?

In a nutshell, yes! The properties of the ink and the way that it cures means that it creates a layer on top of the substrate and can be very scratch resistant. The durability will ultimately depend on what you are printing onto and how receptive the surface of the product is. As an example, a highly polished glass surface would be more difficult for the ink to adhere to than wood… some adhesion promoters are available that can help with this.

What is the best UV flatbed printer ?

It really depends on what you are looking to use it for and your requirements. Roland and Mimaki have a comprehensive range of UV printers and our team at Signmaster can help you navigate to the best machine for your needs/ requirements 😊

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