Submitted Technical support forms are logged in the support system where they are processed by the technical team.

All calls to the technical call line are recorded, we may use this information for staff training and quality monitoring purposes.

All calls are returned as soon possible and we aim to complete all calls within the day the first call was logged. Calls made to the technical call line after 3:00pm may roll over to the next day depending on how busy the technical call service is.

To qualify for free technical support, you must meet our customer guidelines:

  1. Your printing equipment must be from a Signmaster recognised manufacturer.
  2. You need to have an active Inks and Media account with ink purchases made within the last 6 months. We do however, reserve the right to deny free technical support at any point.
  3. You may be asked to provide your Signmaster Account Number, if you are unable to provide these details, we have the options to refuse free technical support.
  4. You need to provide details of the issue you are experiencing to allow for the technical team to prepare for your call back, failure to provide this information will result in further calls or emails to ascertain the correct information.

Support and advice given can be subject to a one-off call charge of £50.00+VAT if the above criteria are not met.

Payments taken for a technical support case cannot be put on a credit account and the charge will be taken before the call is handled. Payments cover the cost of the initial call and subsequent calls made that are directly related to the original call. It may not always be possible to complete the support or repair over the phone and therefore further costs may then apply.

Technical support issues submitted via the technical email address will not be logged in our system and therefore we cannot guarantee that they will be dealt with.

Signmaster Systems Ltd reserve the right to terminate any call if we feel that the customer is being uncooperative towards members of the technical team.

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