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Non-Printable Garment Vinyl

Dae Ha Luminous From £248.75

With a bright and long-lasting glow, our glow in the dark Dae Ha luminous T-shirt vinyl allows you to create stunning designs for children and adults. No loss of glow, wash and after wash.  

Dae Ha Metallic From £123.75

A true Dae Ha Metallic T-shirt vinyl in every sense of the word, which produces a high reflection/mirrored effect. Information Great for fashion, party and leisurewear. A light adhesive backing enables fine cutting and aides registration.  Easy to cut and weed. Can be tumble dried on a low setting and ironed inside out. Can be washed...

Dae Ha Premium Glitter From £161.25

Made from real glitter flakes, our world leading “textured” Dae Ha Glitter T-shirt vinyl is available in a range of rich colour options. With a stunning deep sparkle effect, our unique production process ensures there is no Glitter loss, wash after wash. You can now Sublimation print onto the surface of the films, to create...

Dae Ha Reflective From £193.75

The Dae Ha reflective t-shirt vinyl is a great use for work-wear, creative designs for fashion and party wear alike. The adhesive backing allows for intricate designs with an easy cut and weed.    

Dae Ha Stretch Metallic From £123.75

Stretch Metallic T-shirt Vinyl is a unique CAD-Cut version of stamping foil is great  for both sporting and fashion designs as it stretches with your garment. Applying to virtually any textile, you can cut and weed incredibly fine detail. Once applied, you’ll think it was screen printed.  

Pro Flex Premium From £130.00

Pro Flex Premium (POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM) The Pro Flex Premium is an ecologically proven polyurethane film with a matt and reflection free surface. The Pro Flex Premium is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic.