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Signmaster’s Guide To Upgrading to Windows 10

As you may be aware Windows has now stopped supporting it’s Windows 7 platform. If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 10 to ensure your company’s data security, I have put together a selection of videos that should help you get all your equipment up and running and to hopefully make the change as stress free as possible.

• Installing Mimaki Rasterlink Profiles:

Mimaki Rasterlink 6 Download Page: https://mimaki.com/product/software/rip/raster-link6/download.html

• Installing Roland Versaworks:

Roland Versaworks 6 Download Page: https://vw.rolanddg.com/en/hfuefb4wt.html

• Installing Cadlink SignLab & Visual Production Manager: https://youtu.be/x3__z9WxrEo

• Installing OKI/Seiko Printer Drivers  https://youtu.be/zcqS-EC_704

• Installing OKI/Seiko CP Manager  https://youtu.be/JeZ9FuZtNE0

If you have anymore requests for ‘how to’ videos on our Signmaster Technical YouTube please let us know!

Members Only: View our Technical Support videos here.

Welcome to Signmaster Technical, our main aim is to support you and your business, so you get the most out of your printing and finishing equipment.

We offer a range of services:


Aftersales Tech Support:

We offer tech support with every machine that we sell and it comes in a couple of forms..

Firstly, we have an online hub of tech support videos, all designed to help you with matters that you can get a fix or suggestion for instantly. Simply log into your account on our website and you will be granted access to a range of videos on there.

If you require further tech support to our online videos, then please call 01948 662 669, and then press 3  for our technical team, this will put you through to a  member of staff who will log a tech support call on our ticketing system and then a member of the tech team will get back to you with your required support. We aim to respond to all enquiries within the same day that they are logged. Calls logged after 4pm will be dealt with the following day.

Call Out:

Our technical team will travel the whole of the UK to support you in fixing a machine or providing training. There are charges for being called out but if you contact us, we can talk through that with you.

Offers and Training:

Keep an eye out for tech offers and training days which are run throughout the year and advertised on our Social Media and Website.

Signmaster has an ‘Open Door’ policy, so feel free to visit us, here a member of the Tech team or Print room will be able to offer you further support.

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