Achieve Professional Results with High-Grade Systems for Wide-Format Printing

Graphtec is a leading brand in supplying best-in-market machines for professional sign makers. The range includes Cutting Systems, Scanners, Sign-Making Software and more. Grow your printing business with innovative machines that focus on a beautiful finish, speed, precision and high-end production. Meet the bestsellers…


Achieve maximum productivity in your printing business with the CE7000 series. Models include the Graphtec Garment Pattern Cutter and the Graphtec Cutting Plotter.

Introducing the Graphtec CE7000

The Graphtec CE7000 is one of the most popular and cost effective cutting plotters for users who use lighter grade materials or who operate within a smaller work space.


Save time with the F-Mark series. Let the machine do all the work.

F-Mark Plus Automated Sheet Fed Cutting and Creasing System

Increase productivity and get beautiful results with this F-Mark machine that is designed to automatically feed, cut and crease.

Available Instore

Graphtec FCX2000

Graphtec FCX2000 The Graphtec FCX2000 is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die.   Vacuum Suction Holds media with the use of external electric vacuum pump. This is the preferred method for heavier and thicker media. Redesigned Cutting Table Has increased hold-down capability...

Graphtec F-Mark (Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System)

Graphtec F-Mark Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System  Automatically cut pre-printed sheets with the F-Mark automatic die cutter Contour cut and die cut pre-printed sheets No need for operator supervision Mounted camera for quick registration mark detection Sheets are cut and dropped into a catch tray Automatic Media Feeding Arm With Vacuum Suction Cups Holds Up...

Silhouette Alta Plus 3D £332.50

The Silhouette Alta® Plus   A 3D printer which is perfect for beginners and experts alike !   This printer can create a variety of 3D models using PLA filament (1.75 mm) and is compatible with Silhouette’s standard filament and specialty filament. Make everything from custom cookie cutters and keychains to cake toppers and jewelry...

Graphtec CE7000 Series Cutting Plotter

Graphtec CE7000 Series Cost Effective Package / High Efficient Performance / Professional Specification 4 Widths available Max cut speed of 1000mm/s Cut force of 450g ARMS 8.0 Optical Eye For Continuous Cut Capabilities (Barcode Reader) Rugged “Workhorse” Designs Reliable Long-Length Tracking (Up To 5m) Large LCD Display 2 Year Warranty Cut multiple pre-printed graphics without...

Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Cutters (Replaced with CE7000)

  Graphtec CE6000 Cutting Plotter  (Replaced with CE7000)   High Quality, High Reliability, Easy to operate 3 sizes available 16″ (400mm) , 24″ (610mm) , 48″ (1200mm) ARMS 5.0 Print & Cut Feature Rugged Design With New Features For Reliable Long Length Tracking Large LCD For Easy Menu Settings With Support For 10 Languages Switchable Operation Modes...

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