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Warranty FAQ’s

Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem with my machine and it’s still under warranty what should I do?

If your you purchased your machine from Signmaster, we can log your support case for you.

In order for us to do this, please complete the technical support form and we will ensure that your case is logged directly with your manufacturer.

What is Warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee or assurance given by a seller or manufacturer regarding the quality and reliability of a product or service. It is a promise to repair or replace the product or remedy any defects within a specified period after the purchase, at no additional cost to the buyer. Warranties provide consumers with a level of confidence in the products they purchase, as they offer protection against potential defects or issues that may arise.

What Warranty do Signmaster Offer?

We offer extended manufacturer warranties on behalf of our partners, Roland and Mimaki.

What is meant by ‘Extended Warranty’?

An extended warranty is for machines that are coming to the end of their original warranty. It is a continuation of the cover and piece of mind you had when you first received your machine.

Where can I buy extended warranty from?

You can purchase an extended warranty directly with Signmaster. Simply click onto the Technical tab on our website and select warranty, submit the short form and we’ll be in touch to get it all arranged.

Am I able to set up an extended warranty if I have issues with my machine?

If you have issues with your machine, don’t panic, extended warranties are still an option for you. In this case, the manufacturer would look to arrange a pre-warranty inspection and would let you know what needs to be done to enable a new warranty to be set up.

How long does the extended warranty run for?

The extended warranty packages run for 12month periods. You can set them for longer than this, for example you can pay for 24 or 36 months in advance.

What payment options are available?

You can either pay for the packages upfront or split the payments over the 12months on a direct debit to suit the needs of your business

My machine has been out of warranty for some time, am I still eligible for an extended warranty?

Many of our customer who opt for an extended warranty package fall into this category. Depending on how long you have been out of warranty, you will either be asked to provide a nozzle test print picture, or you would require a pre—warranty inspection from the manufacturer.

Are printheads covered under my machine warranty?

Depending on the manufacturer, print heads are usually covered up to 1 claim per channel per year.

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