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Vivid Velo Blade – Nexus

  Vivid Velo Blade Nexus Flatbed cutter / CNC router Up to 25mm cut depth 1.6 x 1.8m vacuum conveyor belt (larger option’s available) Supports Roll- 2-roll cutting Perforate, Crease and cut with a single pass CCD camera for print & cutting Automatic depth setting Software package included 1800 mm/s cutting speed Comes complete with...

Keencut SteelTrak Board Cutter From £2,200 To £3,100

Keencut SteelTrak Board Cutter Robust, Reliable, Easy To Use, Incomparable Designed with the future in mind the Keencut SteelTraK enables the selected cutting tools to be fitted and removed in seconds from the unique multi-function counterbalanced sliding carriage with a single finger screw All new tool developments fit onto existing SteelTraKs All blades cut on...