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Polyester Canvas From £69.99

An economical water resistant 260gsm polyester canvas fabric.

The polyester weave has a very uniform structure and can be stretched without cracking.

The Polyester canvas is the perfect product to make the Adventa Quick Pro canvas kits and finishes the product of to a high standard.

Suitable for Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and Latex

Material Handling

  • Ensure that the material has reached recommended room temperature and a relative humidity before printing.
  • Do not handle the face film directly and ensure it is free from dust and static.
  • When stretching the canvas over a frame it is recommended to use a frame with a very slightly bevelled edge which will avoid any
    possible minor cracking.

Printing Guidelines

  • Suitable for use on Solvent and Eco Solvent inkjet printers, as well as U.V Curable and HP Latex. Always perform a test print first.
  • Ensure that the correct profiles and heater settings are used.
  • Allow 24 hours after printing for the ink to gain full abrasion resistance. Do not stack prints until fully cured.
  • The product is designed to be used without an overlaminate. If a liquid laminate is used it is the responsibility of the user to test.
  • The durability of the finished print is dependent on the inks and printer.


The Polyester 260gsm Canvas is used by our in house team and has been given the Signmaster Stamp of approval


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