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Summa F-Series

Summa F-Series – one machine, countless possibilities. Introducing the most versatile flatbed cutting system ever! With the Summa F-Series flatbed cutter, you get advanced engineered cutting tables capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. Up to three tools can be inserted at one time on the multi module tool holder....

Graphtec FCX2000

Graphtec FCX2000 The Graphtec FCX2000 is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die.   Vacuum Suction Holds media with the use of external electric vacuum pump. This is the preferred method for heavier and thicker media. Redesigned Cutting Table Has increased hold-down capability...

Graphtec F-Mark (Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System) £4,250

Graphtec F-Mark Auto Sheet Feeder Cutting System  Automatically cut pre-printed sheets with the F-Mark automatic die cutter Contour cut and die cut pre-printed sheets No need for operator supervision Mounted camera for quick registration mark detection Sheets are cut and dropped into a catch tray Automatic Media Feeding Arm With Vacuum Suction Cups Holds Up...