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‘MetaWalk’ Textured Floor Graphic

From £200

Metamark MD-MW  ‘MetaWalk’ is a textured media designed for temporary, floor graphics, applied to either smooth, indoor floor surfaces in good condition, or indoor short pile carpet. MD-MW is a one-part system, which can withstand regular levels of foot traffic and has an anti-slip finish tested in accordance with BS 7676- 2:2002 certification (Slider 96) and UK Slip Resistance Guidelines, as well as tested to DIN 51130:2014, acieving an R10 rating.

Slip resistance may alter with printing process. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine suitability and monitor any wear and tear. It gives a highly vibrant print image, retaining greater intensity of the colours, and has a high level of opacity. The self-adhesive 150 micron PVC film with MetaScape air release adhesive allows for clean, easy handling and is printable with Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex and UV printers.




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