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How Refresher Training can benefit your print business

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Training can come in all shapes and sizes and different types of training will support and compliment the many different types of Hardware and Software that we offer and support.

What Sort of Training Do I Need?

Let’s take a look at the different options.

Hardware Training:  Training for new or existing hardware is crucial and the best training will help you and your company achieve the best results from your equipment and investment.

Software Training: Software training is very important for production and workflow. A good understanding of your printer’s software will speed up production, improving efficiency by reducing mistakes and wastage.

Making a Job ‘Print Ready’: Learning how to best adapt your artwork to work with your hardware solutions, this will include, size and scale, cut line creation, colour management and tiling.

Importing Your Artwork into Your RIP Software: Showing you how to bring artwork into your print or plotters RIP software, avoiding processing issues and any issues along the way.

Preparing your Job for Print: Training will show the full capabilities of your RIP software, knowing your way around the RIP software will help you reduce waste and increase productivity.

What options are available to me?

Signmaster is here for all your training needs and we specialise in the following:

On-site refresher training

We can provide on-site training, on your premises and using your equipment, this can be one-on-one or in a large group. We offer training for the following brands Mimaki, Roland, Graphtec and OKI from as little as £99*

Remote refresher training

We offer training sessions remotely so that you can access the training that you need in the comfort of your own premises. We offer a variety of sessions and you can access them one-on-one or as a group from just £99*

Workshops at Signmaster HQ

From time to time, we offer training workshops at Signmaster HQ.  These have an application focus and go beyond the print process, focusing on the application of vinyl and the fitting of products.

Online support

We have a massive online support network, the Signmaster Technical YouTube channel has a wealth of videos, detailing different training elements covering many brands and models and is great place to start if you have a question about your printer or equipment.

If you have any questions about the training or services that we offer or have a question about your equipment or an application then we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01948 662669 or get in touch via our contact us form.


*Please note – this applies to printers and plotters from the following manufacturers – Mimaki, Roland, OKI, Graphtec. Terms & conditions apply.
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