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Jody and Kate received their ‘Run By Printers, For Printer’ team training

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Run By Printers For Printers Run by printers for printers Run By Printers For Printers

Jody and Kate received their ‘Run By Printers, For Printer’ team training. Gary put them through an intensive training session, where they learned the basics of being a printer. Here is some feedback on how they got on.


Here is some feedback from Jody Baldwin. Jody works in our Finance department as Finance Assistant.

“I absolutely loved my Run by Printers, for Printers Staff Training. I was new to the industry when I joined the accounts team at Signmaster with no prior knowledge of the machines and products we sell. So, getting some hands-on experience using them, and understanding the processes our customers go through has been really beneficial to understanding some of the setbacks and issues that our customers can experience.”

Jody Baldwin

~ Jody Baldwin 


Kate partnered with Jody on the training. Kate Nieddu’s role at Signmaster is Inks and Media Administrator. Here is what Kate had to say about her experience.

“The Signmaster ‘Run By Printers, For Printers’ course was fantastic! 

Having been working for Lucy and Sam back to their printing company ‘Print Monkey’ it gave me the opportunity to revisit my knowledge on the challenges customers can face on a daily basis.

It gave me a great insight into the different hardware solutions now available and how easy they are to use and how they can reduce printers production time.  The particular challenges I faced were ‘hand cutting’ material and ‘hand mounting’ vinyl to boards.  It was very clear seeing the benefit of having a flatbed applicator and cutting rail in your print room environment.”

Kate Nieddu

~ Kate Nieddu


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