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Signmaster’s trip to Fespa 2024

2 mins read
Jay Fleming on the Rollover Stand

Signmaster’s trip to Fespa 2024 takes a look at all things new and shiny that the print industry has to offer. Keep reading to take a look at what we found!




Roland’s stand was buzzing with excitement which matched what they had to offer. The main highlight for us, was the showcasing of their new Roland CO- i Series. Giving you the best of both worlds! It can deliver a capacity to print up to 10 x 5ft, whilst also being able to print very fine detail.  Handling media/products up to 242mm thick, which really makes it standout vs other UV flatbed printers..

It was nice to see the Roland EU being put through it’s paces and producing some excellent quality print outs.

There was also lots of buzz around the Roland BN2 – 20 machines, this machine definitely take the desktop print to the next level!

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The mimaki stand was also showcasing their new addition to the UCJV range. The new UCJV330-160 was on show and was great to see. Thanks to unprecedented UV printing technology, the UCJV330 offers superior print quality and higher productivity compared to previous models.




It was lovely to catch up with Team Rollover whilst at Fespa. They had their Adjustable table, which allows you to adjust the height of the table bed. Allowing for more versatility and comfort. I can remember the back crunching days, when weeding endless amounts of vinyl. The height adjustment really does help with that! They also had the Vinyl Weeder which can be attached to the end of the Rollover bed.

They have given their accessories and bit of a makeover, now available in black and they look very smart! And last but not least, the new draw for untilisting the storage underneath the rollover, very smart and practical!

Oh and check out the feature image at the top…. Jay is famous!


Metamark and B-flex were also exhibiting at the show. Great to see all the products they have on offer. There appears to be a lot of hype relating vinyl which can be used to cover furniture, kitchen cupboards,  worktops etc. Metamark have a really cool range!


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