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The Roland AP-640 a new take on what a printer can be

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What can the AP-640 do?

The Roland AP-640 is a resin ink-based print-only machine.

It uses a water & resin-based ink which is instant dry for super quick turn-around, with almost no odour which makes it much more eco-friendly than similar solvent or UV printers.

And with its 700cc ink carts that use replacement ink pouches and optimised heat retention in the dryer so that the energy isn’t wasted on dissipating heat. Roland are really taking massive steps in sustainability with the AP.

With the new great features of the TrueVis range including quick-release media handles on the front and rear media holders, which make it super convenient to load rolls, full touch screen control panel making it even easier to navigate the menus while still having Roland’s easy to use menu system and auto media setup/alignments function which does everything for you automatically. It is so simple to use, just like any other TrueVis printer.

Roland AP-640

It even includes the new perforated sheet cut function allowing you to cut a long run of jobs individually but still being able to take them up, makes it so easy to separate them off the printed roll afterwards.

It is fast too with a print speed of Up to 14.7m²/hr (standard mode) and high scratch resistance inks. It really is a beast of a printer if all you require is a quick, high-production, print-only machine.

Roland AP-640

The AP-640 is perfect for…

  • Wallpapers, Canvas, POS, Banners & Signage, Window Graphics, Exhibition graphics, Backlit, Vehicle graphics.

Roland AP-640


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Instant dry for quick turn-around
  • Eco-friendly



  • Print only
  • Slightly noisier than other printers due to the external dryer
  • Multiple power leads required


Roland AP-640

Roland AP-640, the Signmaster verdict:

What a huge step Roland have taken with the AP-640, a fast, instant dry, high production printer but with the added fantastic TrueVis features we have come to know and more eco-friendly than other technologies, it truly is a game changer in the printing world.

Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640 Roland AP-640

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