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The Mimaki JV100-160 A Powerhouse Print Only machine!

3 mins read
Mimaki JV100-160

What can the JV100 do?

The JV100 can do one thing…print but it can do it extremely well!

With great Mimaki build quality and some improved styling but still keeping that same familiar menu system and operating system you will be up and running on the JV100 in a matter of no time.

In regards to the menu, Mimaki have made great improvements to the control panel with a new full-colour screen including visual instructions for important tasks like maintenance procedures just in case you have forgotten how they should be done and need a reminder.

Still using the tried and tested SS21 ink carts a favourite amongst printers your prints will look great, especially with the 8-colour setup including dedicated Lm, Lc, Lk and Orange inks, you still have the option of dual CMYK if pure print speed is of most importance to you.

Mimaki JV100-160

Speaking of speed, the JV100 can print up to 180% faster than the older JV150 model with print speeds of up to 62.9sqm p/h making it one of the fastest roll-to-roll printers available!

With completely new functions to make your life even easier including auto feed and drop position calibrations so no more staring at prints and putting in values making this printer is one of the easiest Mimaki machines to use.

Mimaki JV100-160

With optional 600ml re-usable SS21 ink carts for more cost-effective printing and newly developed AS5. GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks Mimaki really is coming a long way for more sustainable printing.

Mimaki JV100-160

The JV100 is perfect for…

  • POS, Banners & Signage, Wall deco, Vehicle wrapping, Window Graphics, Exhibition graphics, Backlit, Posters and more


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable


  • Print only
  • RIP can be daunting for new users

Mimaki JV100-160

Mimaki JV100, the Signmaster verdict:

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable, easy-to-use, pure production machine then look no further, the JV100 is for you!


Mimaki JV100-160 Mimaki JV100-160 Mimaki JV100-160 Mimaki JV100-160

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