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The Flux Laser: Maximum Performance in a Convenient Package!

3 mins read
Flux Lasers

What can the Flux Laser do?

The Flux laser is an awesome bit of kit and really defines how laser engravers should be, small but mighty powerful. You get all the benefits of a professional laser cutter/engraver but from a convenient desktop-sized machine, perfect for new users, hobbyists or even schools.

Using it couldn’t be easier with its easy initial setup function, Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless workflow anywhere you are.  You can monitor the job status, transfer files, or update settings plus when you download Beam Go app on mobile, you can send drawings or photos to cut or engrave almost instantly.

The functionality is just as good, with drag-and-drop design to print, preview your design and drag and drop it to the exact position you want, or use auto-alignment to get that perfect centre configuration. The built-in HD camera makes it easy to engrave, cut, and even flip and cut again without worrying about problematic placements. Just scan the bed, drag your design and start your cut or engraving.

Flux Lasers

It even has an optional rotary attachment for engraving onto a round object such as bottles, glasses or more and a Diode laser add-on option for engraving onto metal objects it really is such a small versatile machine!

And let’s not forget the price point at a fraction of the cost of other laser machines it really is worth considering if you are thinking of branching out or just looking to add another machine to your production space.

Flux Lasers

The Flux Laser is perfect for…

  • Engraving and cutting onto a huge range of products including Wood, Acrylic, Leather, Cardboard, Fabric, Rubber, Anode metal, Glass, Cement, Stone, Stainless steel (using spray or diode add-on)
  • Comes in 4 model sizes:
  • Flux Beamo – 300 x 210mm working area, 30w laser
  • Flux Beambox – 400 x 375mm working area, 40W laser
  • Flux Beambox Pro – 600 x 375mm working area, 50W laser
  • Flux Hexa – 730 x  410mm working area, 60W laser

Anyone from experienced users to completely new laser users can use the Flux it is so simple and the results are outstanding!

Flux Lasers


  • Compact /small footprint
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance


  • Has a fumes blower fan and ducting included but the separate extractor unit is an optional extra

Flux laser, the Signmaster verdict:

Flux has really surpassed expectations of how a laser cutter/engraver should be, with an affordable solution that is such an easy-to-use, compact but extremely well-equipped package you can be engraving in a matter of minutes with the Flux.


Flux Lasers Flux Lasers

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