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It’s all about the finish

3 mins read
This month our Hardware Manager Jay, discusses the importance of finishing equipment.

Having a lean and efficient finishing process is often overlooked by many print business. We speak to companies that have invested in the latest print technologies for the front end of print production, but then limp along with old finishing equipment or the minimal finishing equipment to get by.

The reality is that the finishing process is just as important as the printing process itself. Most bottle necks in production and most wastage within production, happens at or during the finishing process.
But when we say finishing, what do we mean? Finishing includes cutting graphics/prints, adding a lamination film, applying application tape, cutting/routing rigid media, mounting prints to boards and heat pressing for example.
One of the key challenges when we speak to print companies is how they increase capacity and reduce their print waste. Both things can be achieved by adding the right combination of finishing equipment to your print production armoury.

Let’s have a look at two fantastic finishing solutions.


Flatbed Applicators

Rollover Flexi

One of the most versatile, yet most overlooked machines, is the Rollover Flatbed application table. On the face of it, perception is that it’s just a fancy work bench… “I can do that by hand or by using a laminator”. However, the most frequent comment from customers once they have invested in one is “how did we ever manage before!”

The Rollover flatbed applicator is more than just a workbench, it can be used for applying prints to boards, laminating panels, applying application tape, used for laying graphics (using the LED illuminated bed), and trimming (using the self-healing cutting mat). It has been carefully designed to be the easiest machine of its type to use and so easy that it can be operated by just one person. This fantastic feature saves so much in labour costs, time and waste! Both the substrate being mounted, and the print remain static, with only the roller moving, so gone are the days of prints wandering off as they are aligned or having 3 – 4 people on hand to mount a 10 x 5ft board.

How much does a person in finishing cost? Not less than £235 per month? That’s all a Rollover Flatbed Applicator costs per month… With a 5-year warranty, premium manufacturing from Norway, built using premium grade materials, its 5 years of hassle free investment.

Check out our latest video for a taste of the Rollover Flatbed Applicator:



Flatbed cutters/CNC

Vivid VeloBlade-Nexus

The Vivid Veloblade Nexus has been taking the market by storm by offering unbeatable specification and performance at a fantastic price point. Being such a versatile finishing solution, it is a must for any growing wide format printing supplier that is looking to enhance their production.

It comes with all the required tools as standard, enabling it to be used for kiss cutting vinyl for labels and decals etc. It has a direct cutting tool which can be used for cutting down banners with ease and cutting all the way through vinyl’s and any other roll medias plus the oscillating tool is perfect for cutting Correx.

The Vivid Veloblade Nexus also comes with the CNC module as standard, enabling it to handle cutting and routing of aluminium composite, acrylic, MDF and Foamex to name a few. The Vivid Veloblade Nexus has features that enable it to be used with very little previous experience, such as automatic blade depth setting! Simply change the head or blade and send it off to automatically set it blades depth.

Check out our latest video for a taste of the Vivid Veloblade Nexus:


Is it time to upgrade your finishing equipment? Whether it’s a new laminator, cutter/plotter, flatbed applicators or flatbed cutters, contact one of our experts on 01948 662669 and we can help you save time, save labour costs and reduce waste.
Plus ask us about flexible and deferred finance options to help you buy now and pay later!
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