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Save Production Time With The Easy-To-Use Rollover Flatbed Applicator

3 mins read
Rollover Flexi Flatbed

What can the Rollover Flatbed Applicator do?

The Rollover Flatbed applicator is designed for laminating and mounting to flat substrates i.e., boards which it does better than any other similar machine we have seen on the market.

The finish is great with no bubbles/creasing and you can mount to substrates up to 90mm thick if you need it.

The build quality is second to none and will last a lifetime but it has a 5-year warranty in case sometime should happen not that we would expect it to.

The light-up ‘LED’ bed and self-healing cutting mat make it a great production workspace for weeding/processing when not using it for applying or laminating too.

The extra roll holders and supports also make it great for high production runs that require processing, as you can pop on a roll of printed media and pull off a print, chop and repeat.

With the 1 handed operation, a single user can mount a full printed board within minutes, compared to the manual way of multiple operators having to take considerably longer to mount the same sized board by hand.

Laminating is just as easy with the same 1 handed operation for laminating sheets, which cuts down on wastage and time compared to using a traditional roll-to-roll laminator.

The Rollover Flatbed is perfect for…

  • Mounting full-sized boards in minutes
  • Laminating full sheets quickly with less wastage
  • Applying application tape
  • The Rollover Classic flatbed applicator is available in 4-bed sizes – 1.7 x 3.36m / 1.7 x 4m / 1.7 x 6.72m / 1.7 x 8m
  • The Rollover Flexi flatbed applicator is available in 2-bed sizes – 1.4 x 2.86m or 1.55 x 3.36m
  • 90mm material height

The range of bed sizes means that there is a Rollover option suitable for everyone’s needs.

With the simple controls literally, anyone can use the Rollover applicator.

Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed

The Rollover Flatbed Applicator, the Signmaster verdict:

I can remember the first time I saw the Rollover and said “what is this thing” very quickly followed by “where has this been all my life” and our customers say the same.

Once you have used the Rollover you will wonder how you ever lived without one, whilst it won’t make you money directly in the same way as printers will, it will save you so much production time allowing you to get so much more work done in a day.

The build quality is fantastic that is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty! The Rollover will be a permanent member of your print room for years to come.

Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed Rollover Flexi Flatbed

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