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Getting back to our roots

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We at Signmaster are getting back to our roots by changing our logo.

This is how the journey started.

Last year I completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Growth course, it took place over 14 weeks and I would highly recommend it to any business owner who is focused and hungry for growth.

A particular exercises we were tasked with, quite early into the course, was establishing what our “customer value proposition” was. Whilst this was not difficult to complete as I was clear in my mind – others on the course did challenge me, as it wasn’t clear to them, from the outside!

One of our big value propositions is that we have been a printer before. We have a level of understanding that others may not, we were Signmaster’s customer for 7 years before buying the business with our print business Print Monkey.

Pre-Signmaster printing business

Mission Statement

Our mission statement actually runs, “Run by Printers, for Printers”.  But we realised that we have lost sight of that, mostly because when COVID hit. Everything just went slightly crazy and it was about getting our head down and surviving through a really challenging period.

The aim for 2023 and beyond is to get back to our roots. To running Signmaster from the printers perspective and when I was presenting this to the team, our Sales Director, Jay Fleming, brilliantly suggested the logo alteration – a simple change but a powerful one.

Signmaster about us

Signmaster’s logo change

As always, we would love nothing more than to hear from our customers on how we can help and support them. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestion, no matter how big or small!

More information is coming soon, to find out more checkout our Facebook page

Written by Lucy Kehoe

Signmaster about us

Director of Signmaster Systems