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Signmaster Christmas Shutdown Advice

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If you shut down your print business for the Christmas period follow these steps to ensure your printer is ready for the New Year!

  1.  Please ensure your printers have sufficient ink (including cleaning liquids if your machine has them) to see them through your shutdown period – allow enough ink for the machines to self-clean/perform ink circulations for the period they will be turned off
  2.  Perform all normal cleaning/maintenance procedures on the last day before shutdown
  3.  Replace any consumable items that may need replacement through the printer’s menu (wipers, pads etc) as the machine may not turn itself on/off correctly if these are required to be replaced
  4.  Remember to empty your waste ink bottle before shutdown
  5.  Power off printers via the front panel button as normal ensuring side/rear power switches and main power is left on to allow them to self-clean
  6.  When you return perform your cleaning/maintenance procedure as normal
  7.  Run a test print – if all is ok carry on as normal, if not you may have perform a few more cleans until your test print is all ok again
  8.  Remember to check your waste ink bottle again
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