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The Roland LEC2 is  easy to use, delivers high-quality prints and enables you to do more

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Roland LEC2 S-Series

What can the Roland LEC2 S-Series do?

The Roland LEC2 S-series can print direct to substrate, whether that is promotional products, rigid media such as Foamex, acrylic and aluminium composite, through to card, wood, phone cases, golf balls, or acrylic.

It’s 200mm max media thickness means that you can load and print onto a range of products that you wouldn’t normally be to print using a UV flatbed. We have seen customers printing onto pallets, speakers, alloy wheels, and flight cases of all sorts.

This shows the versatility of the machine, it enables customers to reach into new spaces, allowing them to print what their competitors can’t.

We see it doing really well as part of manufacturing processes, where customers who design and manufacture products, want to add print to the finished product

In addition to the true flatbed model, it’s available in a belt model! The model is so versatile, as it print roll-2-roll, as well as printing direct to boards! The vacuum belt holds down the boards and pulls them through under the print head and feeds out of the front, it also works in tandem with the rear media feeder and front media take-up unit to handle full rolls of media.

It can make your prints tactile … It has an embossing feature, spot gloss and texture library, which enable you to produce some amazing finishes, to some weird and wonderful objects. This combined with its availability to handle thick products, really helps you offer products that your competitors probably can’t.

The white ink is the most opaque white ink that Roland has used to date. It can be used for flood coating, but also as a spot colour. Perfect for printing acrylic, glass and also onto coloured products/ media.

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

The Roland LEC2 is perfect for…

Printing small runs and products that required very high quality and fine detail printing, though to production printing of high volume mass products, to printing full sheets of rigid media and also reaching into niche printing requirements.

It’s available in 30 “ and 64” models, with varying length beds. So models suited for printing A1, 8 x ft, 10 x 5ft and also full rolls!

  • LEC2-330 S-F200 : 736 x 1,500mm print area
  • LEC2-640 S-F200 : 1,615 x 1,500mm print area
  • LEC2-640 S-F300 : 1,615 x 2,500mm print area
  • LEC2-640 S-F400 : 1,615 x 3,148mm print area

The range of bed sizes, means that there is an S-series 2 option suitable for everyone and able to accommodate all kinds of printing needs.

It’s perfect for new users and experienced users. Almost anybody can use it! This is due to how easy the machine controls are and also how easy the software is to use. Yet it’s powerful enough to be used in a production setting.

It’s familiar and easy to use, due to it using the same menu system and the same Versaworks RIP as all the other Roland machines, if you have used any Roland machine in the past you can use this machine too, no complicated menus and RIP to re-learn here!!

It’s also the perfect choice for when space can be tight. It has a small footprint as far as UV flatbeds go, much less than other similar machines making it less intrusive and doesn’t take up all your print room space, which let’s face it is a huge plus as space is usually a premium in a production environment nowadays.

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2 S-Series

Roland LEC2, the Signmaster verdict:

What can I say about the Roland VersaUV LEC S-Series2? What a cool piece of kit!!

It’s not the fastest machine on the market, but it is by far the most versatile and easy to use, specialising in enabling you to reach into spaces that your competitors can’t.

Its build quality and reliability is excellent and we can install these with peace of mind that customer will love them and not have the headaches usually associated with UV flatbeds.

Customer loves them, due to how easy they are to use, and maintain and because of the quality that the S-series consistently produces.

If your looking to add UV flatbed printing to your production room but with more options and versatility than a swiss army knife, we would highly recommend looking into the Roland LEC2 S Series.

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