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The World’s First Desktop Flatbed Eco-Solvent Print

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Introducing the Roland SF-200 the world’s first desktop flatbed eco-solvent print

Print high quality, with excellent durability and increased health safety.



We have just taken delivery of our SF-200 after anxiously waiting to get our hands on it.

The wait has been very worth while and we have finally been able to start seeing what all the hype is about.

The big question is why would Roland bring out a machine that on the face of it looks and does what the tried and tested VersaUV LEF series already does so well?


Our hardware manager, Jay Fleming explains why.

Digging a little deeper it is very clear. This machine stands out for its ability to print onto products that would normally be frowned upon using conventional UV printing methods. Printing sensitive applications such as toys, babies products, food items and medical supplies, would just be a BIG NO using UV. In walks the NEW SF-200!  The combination of the ink and curing technology means that printing all of these products is now more than achievable and that the printed products will conform to EN 71-3 certification.

The ink can be used on products that are in direct contact with human skin and health-sensitive environments.

We have already had great success in printing plastics that have just failed using UV inks. Leather prints amazingly and we have even printed on fabrics!

By the nature of the ink, when printed it feels like part of the product. Unlike UV where there is a distinct raised feel caused by the surface ink.


SF-200 eco-solvent desktop printer



Here are just a few of the applications that the SF-200 is perfect for:

  • Babies bibs
  • Dummies
  • Lego
  • Golf balls
  • Lunch boxes and food containers
  • Toys
  • Medical supplies, devices and instruments
  • Health and personal hygiene items
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Leather


Imagine being able to print chopping boards where the ink is actually safe to be in contact with food or being able to print knowing that water isn’t going to affect the print or ink.

Want to find out more or request some samples?

Want to challenge the SF-200?


Get in touch with our specialist consultant or call 01948 662669 to find out more and book your demo today!

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