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Unleash the Power of the Roland LEF2: Discover the Ultimate Desktop UV Printer for Bespoke and Personalised Products!

3 mins read
Roland LEF2-200

What can the Roland LEF2 do?

The Roland LEF2 is a fantastic desktop flatbed UV printer with an infinite amount of possibilities for your business.

With Roland’s great build quality and easy-to-use functionality, both for the printer and software it is a perfect choice for anyone looking to expand their printing into the UV market.

The small footprint and easy setup of the machine make it a simple addition to your production space and can even sit on top of a desk! Due to its designs, it can be put where a lot of other desktop UVs can’t, making it a popular choice and saving lots of space and headaches.

It does have an optional filtration cabinet (with built-in storage) if you do require filtration and it keeps the LEF2 level and moveable on this too, it also helps save on precious desk space.

It comes in 3 variations. 2 different bed sizes & one mode that has extra depth enabling you to print up to 200mm thick products.

It uses the tried and tested Eco-UV4 inks and prints fantastically for such a compact machine on pretty much anything you can get underneath it. Eco-UV 4 inks are very versatile and it’s refreshing having just one ink type on a machine, vs lots like on other UV printers from other manufacturers.

With Roland’s reliability and familiar menu system, anyone can be printing high-quality bespoke products in minutes using this machine.

With the white and gloss options and added embossing feature, you can create some really special prints on the most unusual of substrates.

It even has an optional rotary attachment for printing onto a round object such as bottles, glasses or even candles, it really is that versatile!

The LEF2 is perfect for…

  • Printing direct to products (on almost anything) great for bespoke and personalised products
  • 508 x 330mm Bed Size (LEF2-200) 700 x 330mm (LEF2-300)
  • 100mm Max Height – 200mm Max Height (LEF2-300D)
  • Spot gloss (for gloss, matt and emboss effects)
  • Spot white (can be used as a flood coat)
  • Vacuum Bed (LEF2-300 & LEF2-300D)

It’s perfect for new users and experienced users, anybody can use it! This is due to how easy the machine controls are and also how easy the software is to use.

Roland LEF2-200 Roland LEF2-200


  • Compact /small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • White & Gloss ink options


  • Some say cost – until they realise what they are actually getting for their money

Roland VersaUV LEF2, the Signmaster verdict:

Roland has created such a great machine here with its small footprint, easy-to-use functionality and great print quality it really is one of if not the best desktop UV printers available.

Roland LEF2-200 Roland LEF2-200 Roland LEF2-200

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