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Our A to Z of Wide Format – E is for Exhibitions

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E is for Exhibition Blog

Applications, Bleed, RIP Software…. We get asked lots of questions about the world of Wide Format on a daily basis. At Signmaster we are here to help and our lovely team of experts have pulled together a handy A to Z guide answering the most frequently asked questions.

Introducing the Signmaster A to Z of Wide Format

This is a series of helpful blogs, guides and articles that we hope you will find useful. We will post a new blog every fortnight and we’d love to know what you think so please comment or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

This week it’s all about Exhibitions.


E is for Exhibition Blog


Wide format printing is an intrinsic part of the exhibition and trade show industry. If you own a design or print business then the opportunities within this sector can be endless and it is something to consider diversifying into.

Here are four ways Wide Format can be used for Exhibition and Trade Show Graphics.


When a client is planning the design of their exhibition stand or space, their key objectives may well be for their brand to stand out, to be instantly recognisable as their identity and to catch the eye of their target audience, current customers and prospects.

Colour can be introduced to an exhibition stand in various ways, whether through printing the desired colour on a range of substrates, by buying the coloured vinyl from a swatch and cutting out the lettering or shape required, or even wrapping elements of the stand. Some clients will be very specific about the colours achieved and using coloured vinyl is an easy way to achieve an exact match.

The use of colour can really bring a stand to life and Wide Format print allows you to create bold and vibrant colour gamut’s and stunning visual effects to meet your clients brief.

Stand Graphics

Visit any exhibition or trade show and you will see the wide variety of stand styles and display types available. Whether that be shell scheme or space only, there are literally hundreds of types of POS and Exhibition stand graphics. Wide Format print allows to create pretty much all of them. From vinyl banners, to curved pop up units, bespoke displays to backlit posters and window and floor graphics.

Direct to Substrate

We often think of banners and free-standing signage when we think of exhibitions but a key benefit of Wide Format print is the ability to print directly onto the main stand substrate. With UV print technology for example, you can print onto almost any substrate, from Foamex, to aluminium composite or acrylic. Not only can you create stunning stand graphics, you can print around complex shapes and curves and create effects such as embossing and textured surfaces.

Corporate Giveaways

We have all been to an exhibition and left with a bag full of giveaways or “freebies”. Wide format printing (especially UV print technology) allows you to print onto everyday low-cost objects to create unforgettable branded giveaways. Think USB’s, drinks bottles, mobile phone covers and novelty items to name a few.


So, whether you are new to the Exhibition Industry or a seasoned pro looking for help and advice on what Wide Format printer would be best to suit your client’s needs, we would love to hear from you. Our experts are on hand to give impartial advice and support on all aspects of Wide Format printing, so get in touch on 01948 662669 to see how we can help your business.